Powercom transforms the traditional set up in classrooms to a highly participated, fun and engaging session with classroom response systems that may help accelerate retention of information and comprehension level. Based on our customers’ experience, classes using Powercom classroom response systems had their students faring better in evaluations and had increased class attendance.

The class becomes interactive creating a dynamic atmosphere; responses are collected in real time then displayed in graphical formats such as pie or bar graphs that broaden the discussion. Powercom offers powerful tools in aid of achieving education goals and enhance the level of interaction between instructors and students through engaging tools for teaching.

Powercom’s student response systems can be used for:

  • Creation of mock exams
  • Generation of interactive games and quizzes
  • Measurement of teaching or training methods
  • Aids in training program adjustments basing it on class progress
  • Provides the quickest way to monitor class progress
  • Reinforcement of key issues
  • Helps in rating students’ progress
  • Recording class attendance

Student Engagement Polling Software

  • Slide comparison for comparing previous learning to the present
  • Roll call for logging in the class attendance
  • Roster list to create teams and associate names of the students to keypads
  • Impromptu feature to add a polling or a non polling slide without exiting the slideshow

Recommended keypads:

PowerCom PC3

a compact and light keypad with LCD display. LCD display will show the status of the voting including the battery, the signals and the answer choice number you just entered.

PowerCom Mini

PowerCom Mini—a lightweight keypad with LED light. If your event just requires single answer questions with up to 5 answer choices, PowerCom Mini is a good choice.

PowerCom RF1

A compact and robust keypad with Led light. Suitable for small scale events which need a quick response.

PowerCom RF2

a LCD display keypad using two AA batteries. Capable of sending and receiving text messages.


Web-enabled voting application

PowerClick – Classroom response software or application for mobile and Internet abled devices. PowerClick is a web-based voting software with 2 types of surveys: self-paced and live feedback. Instructors and students can utilize their smart phones, laptops and desktops to submit answers with Internet connection.

  • Use the mobile devices to log in by Student ID and password
  • Available for students polling without the limit of the participant number
  • Various question types including Multiple choices question, Essay question
  • Messages collection for brainstorm
  • Voting result available for all types of reports