W Winners
, one of Powercom’s feature which can track and rank audience, individual or team scores.

Wireless voting systems let guests interactively participate in group meetings, events and discussions to answer questions or vote on specific topics. Audiences have devices or keypads in which selections are made. Individual keypads communicate or transmit information through a receiver connected to the presenter’s computer in a room or vicinity. They are given time to provide answers and the tabulation of the gathered results are reflected on the presenter’s monitor or on a wide screen. Mostly results are available in graphs with labels for effective tabulation perceptive.





Interactive response systems show data according to the gathered results from audiences. Most of these devices have this capacity but with PowerCom W Winners feature it can tell which audience answered most of the questions correctly.

Powercom’s remarkable feature is beneficial to industries and organizations such as market research, education, delegate voting, corporate training, medical education, game shows, events, conferences, environmental planning, public presentation, decision support and executive decision making.

You have to award points on specific answers to track the audience with the highest score. You can check and track the results by using the "W" key. You can see the winners display. You will see results on the individual’s scores and team’s scores in cumulative order.