Departmental Meetings With Powercom Audience Response Systems

Departmental Meetings

(Sales, Marketing, Management)


Departmental Meetings With Interactive Response Systems

PowerCom interactive response systems can help your company to develop and modify business strategies and corporate objectives. It allows users to capture the ideas and opinions of departmental and division managers with complete anonymity at an interactive meeting.

During meetings, PowerCom can be used as interactive response systems to…

  • Identify competitive advantages
  • Formulate corporate strategies
  • Identify key departmental challenges
  • Evaluate profit objectives
  • Prioritize company resources
  • Assess organizational problems

Use PowerCom to survey your departmental staff, your management team, or other key personnel and use their answers to develop corporate strategies, prioritize company goals, and identify challenges and concerns.

When a new issue or topic discussion is mentioned, managers can use PowerCom’s impromptu feature to create questions on the fly, which will add slides in virtually seconds without exiting the slide show during the meeting.

PowerCom promotes enhanced communication. When used during interactive meetings presenters can convey a clear understanding of the corporate goals and objectives throughout their entire organization. And when employees have the ability to comment and voice their opinions it empowers them, so they are more likely to endorse new changes.

PowerCom is also an ideal electronic voting system for sales meetings, as the keypad voting can test a sales team’s product knowledge; prioritize sales goals, and even rate a variety of closing techniques.

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