Demographic cut 
or demographic filter also called demographic analysis is one ARS feature allows you to analyze voting results by age group, gender, educational attainment, marital status and geographic region. It allows slices of voting data.

Audience response systems create an interactive environment between presenters and audiences. The use of ARS or audience response system combines presentation software with wireless hardware. ARS assist the presenter to presentation projects with the use of video projector and computer. Most commonly interactive voting systems have presentation slides put together through a software where it displays questions with quite a few answers. In most scenarios, multiple choice questions are set up with the interactive presentation software.

Audience members participate by selecting an answer or answers they think is/are correct. They have to press a certain key corresponding to the answer on their personal keypads. These answers are sent to a receiver or a base station attached to the computer. Data are collected by the audience response software and graphically presenting it for the audience to see.

demographic cut

Demographic cut
illustrates results in a more specific manner. The results show comprehensive review in terms of specific categories, a great advantage to create an inviting and motivating environment in classrooms, conferences, executive meetings, game shows, trainings, delegate voting and other industries and organizations utilizing the application of audience response system.

Demographic analysis conveys a wide range of information to the guests making the presenter efficient and productive. Communication process is complete if the receivers or audience members are fully aware of the message sent or delivered. It creates an impressive room for ideal feedbacks. Wireless voting systems with demographic analysis or filter is able to achieve a successful communication route.

With PowerCom’s demographic cut feature, you are rewarded with an effective and meaningful communication presentation.