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PowerCom Ativa keypad has quite a few special Audience Response applications, which makes it one of the most innovative and sophisticated audience response keypads in the market today. Some of these built-in applications require smart card (equipped with a memory chip) which enables the device to store additional information such as audience ID and password, shareholder’s name and number of shares, proxy name list, question list and audience’s voting record, audit log, etc.


Smart card-based solutions – Self-paced testing, Silent Auction, Shareholder Meeting, Field survey, Interactive trade show.

PowerCom Audience Response Ativa Keypad has three types of Application:

Moment to Moment:

Ativa Specialty 2 keypads

A stand-alone desk top application to capture audience’s emotion – moment by moment, the detailed application are Mock Jury and Ad Testing.

PowerCom Specialty:

The stand-alone application is a perfect tool for the big event up to thousands of participants.

PowerPoint add-in:

the rest of 6 PowerCom Ativa applications are all PowerPoint add-in features, and bundled with all the other six applications together, which enables easier presentation.

* PowerCom Ativa PowerPoint add-in requires Office 2007 and up.

  • Requires Smart card: self-paced testing, silent auction, shareholders meeting, field survey, interactive trade show.
  • SMS texting does not require smart card. PowerCom Ativa PowerPoint add-in requires Office 2007 and up



1. PowerCom Ativa Moment to Moment PowerCom Ativa Moment to Moment
  • Maintain the identical user interface and navigation as Moment to Moment RF2 and Reply Plus version.
  • Can be combined to use with Moment to Moment for RF2 and Reply Plus Audience Response Keypads.
  • Very user-friendly with the touch screen slider bar to send audience responses.
  • 5 scales options: Plus 11 scales compatible mode (-5 0 +5); 61 scales (-30 0 +30); 101 scales (-50 0 +50); 201 scales (-100 0 +100); 101 scales(0 50 100)
  • Includes complimentary PowerCom PowerPoint add-in for Ativa Audience Response Software.


2. PowerCom Mock Jury
  • Specially designed questions voting to indentify plaintiff favor or defense’s favored jurors.
  • Real time line chart monitor on Plaintiff vs. Defense attorneys’ debate.
  • Juror Report, Voting results Excel report, Voting results Word detailed report, Individual report etc.
  • Group Splitting, Merge files.
  • Choose demographic groups for the real time line chart display.
  • Web hosting data display.


3. Ad Testing
  • Specially designed question voting for the copy testing.
  • Capture the real time feedback from the target group to optimize advertisement for any medium.
  • Various reports of collecting data for the further anyalysis.
  • Playback files review.
  • Web hosting data display.


4. PowerCom Ativa self-paced testing
  • Self-paced testing offline mode allows audience to take test on audience’s pace and store the answers on smart card to be downloaded after testing is completed. No base station is required.
  • Connect- base mode and send audience’s answer to PowerCom application in real time mode. The voting result can be displayed by answer choice, or by individual or by question.
  • Set testing time with countdown clock, stop receiving testing answer when time expires.
  • Allow audience to re-visit previous question and change answer choice.
  • Immediately calculate and display class ranking position and points.


5. PowerCom Ativa Silent Auction PowerCom Ativa Silent Auction
  • Replacing paper auction, speeds up auction process.
  • Secure, Faster, and better privacy for bidders.
  • Collect real time bidding data to central repository.
  • Use display screen list to show the highest bid to generate excitement without disclosing bidder’s identity.
  • Formal bidding result report in Excel at the end of each auctioned item and at the end of the event.


6. PowerCom Ativa SMS texting PowerCom Ativa SMS Texting
Reply Ativa Screen
  1. QWERTY soft keyboard for fast and easy SMS texting.
  2. Same UI and SMS function as PowerCom Reply Plus
    – Display one or more messages to the audience for viewing and discussion.
    – Reply to the various SMS senders’ questions.
    – Convert text messages from the live audience to become a polling question.
    – Select several SMS as answer choices for the audience to vote.


7. PowerCom Ativa Shareholder Meeting
  1. PowerCom for Ativa Shareholder focuses on Shareholder Meeting Application
  2. What can you do with PowerCom for Ativa Shareholder?
    – Election of President and other officers
    – Appointment of Directors
    – Approval of Audited Accounts
    – Approval of Annual Budget
    – Approval of Motion or Resolution
    – Other decisions that need the approval of shareholders


8. PowerCom Ativa Field survey PowerCom Ativa Field survey
  1. PowerCom Ativa field survey application can be used for
    – Public opinion surveys
    – Marketing research
    – Consumer opinions & Customer satisfaction surveys
    – Quantitative research
  2. PowerCom Ativa field survey brings the Online surveys to the field that usually consist of high concentration of targeted audience
    – Real time Survey result collection with no data entry typing error.
    – Survey questions can be dynamic with branching function, and easy to modify.


9. PowerCom Ativa Interactive trade show PowerCom Ativa Interactive Trade Show
  • Multiple base stations may poll simultaneously, permitting collection of up to 15,500 keypads in 3 seconds, suitable for trade shows, where different exhibitors may have their own base stations.
  • Programmable RF Power Level offers long range operation and flexibility in installation. (for trade shows which has larger venues)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi avoidance feature improves performance in high density wireless environments.
  • Offline operation allows inputs in self-paced response mode.


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