Powercom Audience Voting System, Audience Polling Systems


Medical Symposium

When used for Continuing Medical Education (CME) or medical training sessions, the PowerCom audience voting system is a wonderful tool to keep your audience interested and engaged.


CME sponsors can use PowerCom to review case studies and statistics, then poll the opinions of the attendees to test the viability of having them endorse their recommendations.

Powercom Audience Voting System

PowerCom can be used to enforce brand image, educate and inform doctors of new drugs or procedures, as well as generate that WOW factor when presenting case study results.

Used during CME as a marketing tool, sponsors can gauge the strength of their promotions, offer free trials, and measure the effectiveness of a new drug or product launch.

When analyzing medical cases, students could be questioned about the various treatment options available and sponsors can gauge the level of interest in the studies discussed.

By using PowerCom, facilitators would immediately confirm the group’s knowledge and identify where further education is required.

Powercom Audience Polling Systems

For example, PowerCom can be used to:

  • Improve product branding
  • Present case study analysis and gauge doctors’ feedback
  • Encourage interactive discussions
  • Capture anonymous opinion-polling in real-time mode
  • Track individual doctor’s responses for future follow-up
  • Promote group consensus and influential decision-making
  • Assess the interest in the promotion offered
  • Determine the retention level of their program
  • Create interactive and collaborative programs

With PowerCom, CME sponsors can provide enjoyable and interactive presentations, adding interest and value that will attract doctors and entice them to take your CME program.

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The applications for PowerCom are only limited by your imagination!