What is the most important thing for the presenters when they are considering using Audience Response System for their presentations? Without any doubt, the answer is how to guarantee all the voting data will be received and collected securely and quickly.
With the rapid growth of Wi-Fi connectivity in many locations around the world, interferences on the connectivity may ruin an impressive and well-planned presentation. To have the confidence that presentations are not interrupted, especially in densely crowded areas with huge Wi-Fi connectivity, avoid Wi-Fi feature is ideal. With this feature, it increases the efficiency of audience response keypads to shy-away from interferences that may make distractions on presentations.
Many industries and organizations like education, events, delegate voting, corporate training, game shows, decision support and many others embrace successful presentations with a system that supports their aim of uninterrupted learning and discussions. These organizations and industries attend on giving audiences fun, lively and exciting setting for discussions without the worry of possible Wi-Fi obstructions.
Avoid Wi-Fi is a radio frequency communication performance parameter. The utilization of radio frequency communication escapes the possible threat of communication interferences from same frequency channels in locations where it is densely crowded with Wi-Fi connectivity. Powercom’s wireless voting system has the feature to avoid Wi-Fi. These wireless keypads are programmed to bring-in notable presentations despite threats of signal interferences.
In every presentation, performance counts! It is not only on the material presented or the presenter making the discussion but also to the feature that comes with the software that takes care of the communication goals.

Interactive voting keypads are prepared to make the efficient two way communication. It increases audience participation, knowledge retention and attentiveness. Powercom brings to the world, PowerCom Mini, Powercom RF1, Powercom RF2 and Ativa. These 4 keypads make two-way communication secure and fast!
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