Audience Response System PowerPoint

PowerCom establishes a data communication connection between the Audience Response System PowerPoint application and voting keypads via a base station. It helps the presenter / lecturer collect feedback from the audience or students in real time. This creates an enthusiastic environment for both the presenter and audience, and also greater involvement of the participants in the presentation topic at hand. 


Benefits of Audience Response System PowerPoint

Now You can:

ARS PowerPoint

1. Design a four-step Polling Wizard for a Question slide to define how the answer from audience response keypads will be organized, and to present a result graph for answer summary at the end of the voting. You can optionally choose to skip the result display. Please see Poller for detail.

Configure Audience Response System PowerPoint

Response System PowerPoint

2. Configure audience response system base station Com Port, channel number, and voting parameters setting, set keypad range and test keypad.

PowerPoint Audience Response System

3. Conduct voting with a physical response keypad used or in demo mode without a keypad used. Display result summary for each question slide at end of voting. Conduct data analysis by Demographic question result.

Generate PowerCom Audience Response System PowerPoint Reports

PowerPoint ARS Add In

4. Now Generate PowerCom audience response system PowerPoint reports after the slide presentation is completed. Perform a voting result data export and re-display of voting result graph presentation.