Audience Polling Software

PowerCom Specialty Standalone Audience Polling Software

More flexibility in questions design and voting than PowerPoint Add-in.

Powercom Specialty is a standalone audience polling software that provides the most flexibility to your voting. It is not a Powerpoint add-in and is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and 8 that is especially designed for Powercom RF1, RF2 and PowerCom PC3 voting keypads for large events ideally with 500 or more participants. It is the ars software used when facilitating events such as large conferences and presentations to gather responses or feedback from the audience and make the entire event dynamic and interactive.

Audience Polling Software

Audience Polling Software Features:

  • Reliable and stable Windows application with more flexibility for audience voting.
  • User-friendly UI interface, easy to operate.
  • General question types: single choice answers, multi-alphanumeric(multiple choices question), weight priority/ranking and title.
  • Faster with capturing voting data and provides low program overhead.
  • The whole audience response system maintains a voting log and no data will be lost.
  • Easyswitch voting system to the stand by computer without delay.
  • Lets users import questions from a text document onto the slide
  • Users can export questions and sessions onto a word document.
  • Ability to group questions to different session for easy event session break and voting control.
  • Quick and easy way to edit questions and answer choices, duplicate and hide questions.
  • Lets users display voting counter, timer and music both during displaying results and while polling
  • Lets users use background colors as well as inserting 5 pictures like logo when designing the questions.
  • Capable of including a roster list to associate the audience response keypads with the participants’ name and other information for reporting purpose.
  • Timer and music during the voting.
  • Global change for changing the question settings
  • Winners screen lets users display fastest finger and team and individual scores for competitions
  • Several reports to export and review the voting data
  • Absentee list shows participants who have not entered their votes
  • Polling details or shortcut key L to show how each  keypad voted
Highly recommended for these events:
  • Large scale seminars or business meetings
  • Conferences or employees training with 500 or more participants
  • Annual general meeting or annual general election
  • Large scale CME or medical symposium
  • Business meetings
  • Large class discussions or interactions
  • Large corporate or organizational voting or election
  • Town hall meetings
  • Industry convention

Recommended Audience Response Keypads:

  • Powercom RF1 - A compact and lightweight keypad with 14 buttons for up to 30 answer choices. Battery life last up to 2 years. Ideal for single choice and multiple selection questions.
  • Powercom PC3 - A lightweight keypad that comes with an LCD screen for easy keypad inputs confirmation. It can also be used for single answer choice and multiple answers choice questions.Keypad match function makes sure only “verified”keypad can vote.
  • Powercom RF2 - A keypad with a 3-line LCD screen. Capable of various question types. Perfect fit for polling by PowerCom Specialty.

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