Audience Response Solutions

All sectors of the business industry can benefit from PowerCom’s audience response systems. Any kind of meeting or event can turn into an interactive one engaging and involving the audience members.

Audience Polling

Our Powercom software allows users to gather, record, and analyze the knowledge, interests, and opinions of their customers, employees, or shareholders. It is the ideal tool for electronic voting. Microsoft PowerPoint with PowerCom creates an effective presentation for the presenter to interact with his or her audience.

Audience Response Solutions

Some of the benefits of Powercom’s ARS applications are:

• Quick voting data capture
• Detailed voting data analyses options
• Voting results will be collected and analyzed immediately
• Several reports can be generated after the voting in different formats

PowerCom is powerful enough to transform a dull PowerPoint presentation into a fun, engaging, and interactive meeting.

Audience Response Applications

  Events that Benefit with Powercom Wireless Voting Systems are:

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Interactive Presentation