PowerCom is a global leader in independently developed audience response systems! From the boardroom to the training classrooms and beyond, PowerCom provides various ARS systems for any type of interactive event worldwide.

PowerCom is an add-in application compatible with PowerPoint, Excel as well as other Microsoft applications. Uisng it is very easy to learn, you just need to insert a polling question into Powerpoint and you can have quizzes and interactive voting sessions. You will also be able to collect open ended feedback and text messages for easy tracking of leads and much more!

Affordable audience polling keypads

We offer basic audience response systems to sophisticated ones with various functions perfect for any budget. We utilize the same RF technology employed by television quiz shows and government offices so you can make presentations that are dynamic and interactive, house of fun and finally engage several hundreds of audience at once.
PowerCom Mini KeypadPowerCom RF1 KeypadPowerCom RF2 KeypadReply Plus2Reply Mini Plus V2Reply Mini Keypad Gen 2
Powercom PC3 keypadPowerCom PC4 Keypad
Reply Ativa Touch Screen Keypad
PowerCom RF2 KeypadReply Plus V2 KeypadReply Ativa Touch Screen Keypad
PowerCom Mini KeypadPowerCom RF1 KeypadPowerCom RF2 KeypadReply Ativa Touch Screen Keypad
Reply Mini KeypadReply Worldwide Keypad


Audience Response Systems with Powerful Features and Multiple Office Flexibility

  • Official PowerPoint Add-In, EXCEL and OFFICE compatible- Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Audience Response Software Industry Leader
  • Leading Fleetwood Interactive Polling Keypads
  • Personalized System Packages for Any Needs
  • Free Upgrades to Unique Software in 8 Languages
  • 24/7 Free Customer Support and Design Help
  • 2 Year Warranty on All Interactive System Packages
  • Free Audience Response System Trial of Your Choice
  • Best Audience Response System Value Anywhere!