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Base Station for SMS Voting System



Base Station for Text Message Polling


RF1 30 pad Starter kit

Voting Keypads

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Audience Voting Keypads


Multi Digit audience voting keypads are capable of sending up to 30 answer choices. These are audience response system keypads that can be used for any kind of interactive event like business meetings, shareholders meetings, annual general meetings, employees training, elections, auction, multi-site meetings, classroom response system sessions and much more. The PowerCom voting keypads for multi digit are:

1.       Powercom RF1 – simple and compact audience response keypad that can send up to 30 answer choices

2.      Powercom RF2 - It has the same features as the Powercom RF1 but can do self-paced testing and SMS Voting System capability

3.       Reply Ativa – has an LCD touchscreen display that can do text message polling

Advanced Level Voting Keypads

The Powercom RF1 and RF2 voting keypads can be combined because they can use the same base station. The base station acts as the receiver of the votes or answers coming in.

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