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Introducing the Advanced PowerCom RF1 Keypad

Introducing PowerCom RF1 Keypad, an improved and sophisticated version of our top-selling PowerCom Reply Mini Plus Keypad.


PowerCom RF1 Keypad - audience response service

 What could be better than to invest in the latest

audience response clickers

that will allow interaction of participants in your presentations be it in a small meeting or a large event with thousands of audience. Powercom RF1 is an ideal investment for your company.
PowerCom RF1 handset - audience polling systems

Powercom RF1 Optimal Benefits:

  • Portable and lightweight audience response system keypad
  • Offers multi-digit and multi-selection for up to 30 answer choices
  • Has 14 buttons which let the audience enter multi-digit string or multiple choice answers
  • FHSS RF technology assures that there will be no data collision
  • Fast transmission of 200 votes per second
  • Easy to configure the keypad's ID
  • Efficient on battery life because it goes into sleep mode after detecting no activity
  • Quick confirmation of votes with LED lights to display inputs on the keypad
  • Available for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 in 32 and 64 bit
  • Can be used with Powercom RF2 and Powercom Mini keypads
  • Base station can cover an area of 650 x 650 feet and can hold 500 keypads per base
  • Has a raised hand function that alerts presenters when an audience member has a question.

Manufactured in the USA


Highly Recommended for:
  • Internal Meetings
  • Business Meetings
  • Elections
  • Indian Tribe Elections
  • CME/Medical Symposium
  • Marketing Research
  • Multi-site meetings
  • Classroom or training sessions
  • Fundraising and silent auctions
  • Focus group discussion
  • Large events with voting
Case Study

Annual Human Resources/HR Conference or Meeting

How many participants:

 145 members

Voting Pads:

PowerCom RF1


Electronic Voting Software:


PowerCom Powerpoint add-in and Specialty (stand alone software)

Question type:

Single choice, Multi alphanumeric and Weight priority.


The event ran for 2 days and had 145 attendees mostly HR managers or HR practitioners from different companies and offices.

1st Day:

The first “ice breaker” question was a fastest finger question. The first one who had answered the question correctly got a prize. The event organizer opted not to use a roster list to attach a name to an


audience response keypad

but just used the keypad IDs found at the back of the RF1 keypad. The event organizers wanted to have 3 slides linked to one another so the link to slide feature was used.

They also chose to play a music while polling to liven up the mood. The other questions were single choice questions and weight priority questions where participants had to choose the top 3 answers. The first choice was given 3 points while the 2nd choice had 2 points and 1 point for their last choice. The choice with the most number of points won as first choice of the audience members.


2nd Day:

For the second day, Powercom Specialty was used. It is a stand alone


audience response software

that runs faster. A background picture was used for each polling and result slide. There were mostly single choice questions and the last question which was a burning question- the results were revealed at the end of the event. After the last results were revealed, the reports (excel summary report and excel detailed report) were automatically generated and given to the event organizers.  

Put this POWERFUL 30 keypads bundle to work in your organization for a very low price!!!

PowerCom RF1
Package - wireless

*** One Advanced PowerCom RF1 Wireless Keypad per participant
** One Advanced PowerCom RF1 Base Station per 500 keypads of the same radio channel in a room
* One copy of the application software 

PowerCom RF1 Voting

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