PowerCom Development and Version History

PowerCom Development and Versioning History

7 Keypads

DSI Started the PowerCom PowerPoint add-in software development in 2003, 2004 PowerCom rolled out Reply Worldwide Group Response Software to support the four keypads: Reply WorldWide, Reply EZ, Reply Standard, and Reply EU. When Reply Mini was released in January 2008, our software automatically supports it. However, this keypad only allows up to five answer choices.

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When the Reply® Plus was released by Fleetwood in November 2007, we created the software that supports them called Reply Plus Group Response Software. During the time Fleetwood released the Mini Plus version in August 2008, this software automatically covered it. Both Reply Worldwide Group Response Software and Reply Plus Group Response Software were compatible with PowerPoint 2000-2007.

On June 27, 2008, PowerCom initiate the first software title merge combining these two software into one called PowerCom for Reply Software Version 2.31, which allowed users to switch between these two versions.
The merged software, PowerCom for Reply version 2.31, is compatible with Office 2000-2007. PowerCom for Reply Software only has a standard menu. In that menu, Microsoft 2000 provides dropdowns. In addition, PowerCom for Reply Software is in English. The merged software will not be further enhanced; its purpose will be for bug-fix.

Before Microsoft officially release Office 2007, PowerCom team start the PowerCom for Office 2007 development since end of 2006, we proudly developed our latest innovation called PowerCom Reply Office for 2007 Software, which was ONLY for Microsoft Office 2007 Suite. In November 2008, we officially announced and released it in InfoComm Hong Kong with localization to 8 languages.
PowerCom Reply Microsoft Office 2007 is multilingual and currently includes eight languages. In the future, this software will be enhanced. Besides that, PowerCom Reply for Microsoft Office 2007 Software has a ribbon-styled menu. It has more features than the former software. These features include: Backward Compatible, Validate Poller Utility, More Options to create question poller, Dashboard, and System Interfaces. For more information, please click here.

Easy Information Collection

Reply Base Station USB Stick
USB Dongle

In order to activate your software, there is a simple procedure. If you receive the CD key, the serial number is tied or not tied to the base station. If it is tied, then you have obtained the unlimited activation. If your base station is not tied to the serial number, then you have a three times of activation. The other method of activation is using a dongle. Just plug it in and install the driver to launch.

Switch PowerCom Worldwide or Plus

On September 2009, PowerCom performs the second software title merge to combine both PowerCom Reply Microsoft Office 2007 and PowerCom for Reply Software. Customers will be able to download this software and are able to select which version of PowerCom they prefer. PowerCom ARS software setup will be simplified with a singe installation package and allow user to decide single digit keypad models and multi-digit keypad models. PowerCom installation program will detect the Office version and allow user to choose the Office version to install.

PowerCom currently maintains three software titles with separated licensing: single digit ARS, multi-digit ARS, and Moment to Moment. However, PowerCom maintains one version numbering system. Thus, there is no duplicated version number within three titles. We will release a new revision every other month.

PowerCom team will continue enhance PowerCom common features, design specialty component and integrate with other application to expand horizontal applications.

PowerCom for the new Reply Ativa keypad model will be a brand new ARS application with texting capacity and many unique features.

Please visit our web site frequently for the new announcements.

PowerCom Chronicle:

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Date Millstone
2003 PowerCom development start
July 2004 PowerCom release V1.00
April 2005 Roll out V1.65
Jun. 2006 Roll out Reply® Worldwide Group Response Software V1.86 to support the four keypads: Reply Worldwide, Reply EZ, Reply Standard, and Reply EU.(Please insert time at the beginning of the part). It is compatible with Office 2000-2007.
Nov. 2007 Officially issue Reply Plus Group Response SoftwareV2.20 to support Reply Plus. It is compatible with Office 2000-2007.
Jan. 2008 When Fleetwood come up with Reply Mini, Reply Worldwide Group Response Software can work with it automatically.
Aug. 2008 When Fleetwood released Mini Plus, Reply Plus Group Response Software can support it automatically.
Sept. 2008 DSII merged Reply Worldwide Group Response Software and Reply® Plus Group Response Software into PowerCom for Reply Software V2.30, which allowed the switch between two. There is no enhancement on features.
Nov. 2008 DSII officially released PowerCom Reply Software for Office 2007 Software V2.31. It was specially developed to be compatible with Office 2007 with the multilingual feature and the same menu layout as Office 2007. It has more features than the former software. These features include: Backward Compatible, Validate Poller Utility, More Options to Create Question Poller, Dashboard, and System Interfaces.
Jul. 2009 DSII released PowerCom V2.35
Sept. 2009 DSII will roll out the latest version 2.36 with enhanced features like Election, new graphic types, compatible with Windows 7 and CD key license tie to base station.
Jan. 2010 Released V2.38 with the new function of SMS for Plus Version 3 and Ativa keypads. DSII rolled out the PowerCom for Reply Office 2010.
Apr. 2010 Relased V2.39 Improving activation, PowerCom confirmation, and keypad power notification. Add the new ShortCut key Q for Ativa Qwerty soft keyboard.
Jul. 2010 Released V2.40. Add the new feature--slide voting result comparison
Sept. 2010 PowerCom V2.41 is officially released with the new functions including: new short cut key O, new Microsoft report and more mouse-over tips.
Jan. 2011 Released V2.42. There are new question types-- Grading and Pass/Fail. A new feature was added--Team Comparison.
Aug. 2011 DSI official announce new keypad and software PowerCom RF1

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