PowerCom Customer Testimonials

PowerCom Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers say about PowerCom:


"Yes! Everything went well. I am so glad you were able to send it when you did because we would not have been able to get everything done this morning. Please extend my thanks to the help desk at Powercom. They assisted us greatly."

- MD of Parker Poe

"Thank you for running the voting machines at our conference in KL. We were very pleased with how it worked and with your efficiency in running the voting. Well Done!"

- Francis Clayton, Shell Kuwait Exploration and Production

The clickers were a huge hit! Thank you all for making it happen and offering up such wonderful training and assistance. Other attorneys in our firm have heard about them and want to incorporate this product into their presentations. The speakers and all of the attendees enjoyed the extra fun and interaction this product creates and it was so easy to use. I appreciate everyone at Powercom who really jumped on this project for me.

- Jessica Hill, Parker Poe

"We have definitely enjoyed using the RF2 devices the last 2 years and look forward to possibly using them again for this coming year's youth summit.  Thank you for providing such a useful product!!"



“Our company entertainersmusic.com have now been dealing with powercom since 2010. Through the years their customer service has been excellent. I would not hesitate to highly recommend their people, products or services.“PowerCom customer support is super. Many thanks to PowerCom for understanding and appreciating their customer.”

Lou Valenti, President

“I had trouble buying the PowerCom Reply Mini ARS system with my Pakistani Credit Card. PowerCom went an extra mile with their sales and worked with one of my relative based in Boston, USA and managed the transaction for me. They didn’t stop at that. After I received the PowerCom Reply Mini package in Pakistan, I got online chat service with PowerCom technical support team, surprisingly open 24 hours a day. The helpful and eager support team walked me through the set up and configuration via remote assistance. My system was up and running in no time and is in production use by Millionaire TV show at Kabul, Afghanistan.”

“PowerCom customer support is super. Many thanks to PowerCom for understanding and appreciating their customer.”

Javed S. in Peshawar, Pakistan

“I purchased the PowerCom system less than one week before my first formal ARS meeting. I received it in no time and I was able to get started immediately and ready for my ARS meeting.”

“PowerCom is very easy to use and easy to learn.”

Dr. Jeffery C.

“PowerCom website has one of the finest and most efficient online support facilities available. I was carrying my PowerCom Reply Mini ARS system for an official meeting in Cambodia. I tried to run it but the computer refused to recognize the base inspite of having downloaded the software earlier. I was panicky as I had to use it the next day for my meeting. But the chat support on PowerCom website helped me. Instantaneously, the chat support representative heard my problem and connected me to the PowerCom technical support expert and through remote login; he fixed the problem and walked me through the base station connection procedure.”

“PowerCom Global support team is great!”

Anna C.

“While using PowerCom I found that I was losing some votes and suspected that a wireless device in operation maybe causing interference. I contacted the PowerCom support team to help me out. They were quick to point out that a radio frequency interference would only slow down transmission and not cause losing votes. Then I discovered that there was another PowerCom ARS system in operation that was using the same channel setting that stole my votes. The PowerCom support team suggested using a different channel. PowerCom has indeed one of the finest and most efficient online support facilities.”

Marcello Dantas in Brazil

“I have used other group response system for school before, but PowerCom Audience Response System Solution is the best I have ever used. During my lecture, I used PowerCom with my PowerPoint presentation for voting and learned more about my classroom performance. I asked students questions with the question slides. It fully integrates with PowerPoint and so I had no problem creating the slides and my overall PowerPoint presentation slides. With PowerCom the classroom environment becomes more interactive and engaging. They just voted using the keypads and afterward we took a look at the results. It is fascinating to see how the students became very involved, even those who are shy and would not participate otherwise. And most importantly, they were fun learning. I definitely would recommend PowerCom for your audience response system solution.”

Ms. Susan T.

“As we conduct a lot of Market Research, focus groups, and group surveys, it is very important that the information we gathered is very accurate and nonbiased. Since participants are very concerned about the privacy of information that they provided, confidentiality is a major issue. And with PowerCom Group Response System we were able to conduct these studies with full privacy. The PowerCom software is also loaded with many reports in Excel and Word that we can do many different analyses in real-time. This makes our discussion and studies a lot more engaging and useful. Thanks PowerCom!”

Pauline D.

“Time is money. Ever since we use PowerCom Audience Response System, business meetings and conference have become much more productive and quicker in decision makings. And so our strategic implementations and coordination have improved significantly that we were able to become more responsive to our customers’ needs faster than ever before. Within a month our sales doubles and we were able to minimize costs and increase our bottom lines. PowerCom is definitely one great investment.”

Jack P.

“We are nonprofit organization and we were looking for interactive presentation software with wireless keypads for opinion sharing and collaboration about our campaign of going green and saving the environment. Because our audience size is usually about 250 to 400 participants, it wasted too much time to hand-count everyone and double checking every time, and so we need a system that can handle such a large audience. Speed in polling audience is also important. Our partners then recommended us to use interactive presentation solution and introduced us to PowerCom Audience Response System. When we contacted PowerCom sales representative, we were amazed that their system can do it for us with very fast keypad response, and I quote, ‘100 keypad per second.’ We immediately purchased our PowerCom ARS system and we are completely satisfied with the product performance and customer service. Finally, we can stop wasting time hand-counting and have a lot more progress.”

Annie S.

“I master PowerCom in two hours! It is so easy to use and powerful.”

Derek M.

“We always use PowerCom at our marketing department with 20+ staffs for marketing research and focus group meetings. PowerCom reports are so helpful for result analysis.”

Mercedes B.

“PowerCom is so easy to use it is just like part of PowerPoint. I have no problem learning how to use it at all.”

Brian Y.

“I always use PowerCom for every presentation.”

Mr. Douglas R.

“PowerCom is very easy to use and very powerful.”

Russell C.

“PowerCom has the best graphic charts.”

Nami K.

“Great customer support. Thank you, for your fast reply!”

Dieter H. in Austria

“PowerCom makes my PowerPoint presentation interactive.”

Jin Yoon L.

“PowerCom is a great software.”

Anthonio P.



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