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Do you want a more interactive event or meeting next time? Do you want to increase the interaction between the speakers and the audience for events in San Jose, California? If you said yes to both questions, then Powercom audience response solution can help you do just that. Powercom has been proudly serving many customers with audience response systems for more than 2 decades. It ranges from small meetings to events with thousands of members. We can provide technician and hardware support to interactive meetings or events in San Jose.

Powercom Audience Response Rental Services

The rental packages Powercom offers will have all the things needed for a simple audience response system and more. It basically includes

audience response keypads

, base stations, soft or hard cases, online training and support, batteries, Powercomaudience response software and the optional support of an on-site technician. We have 3 types of rentals to meet any event requirements namely: self help or DIY rental, online designated technician support rental and on-site technician support.

In the self help, customer will do the entire event and they can rely on the Powercom online support for assistance. The online designated rental is when the Powercom management assigns a technician to be on stand by online the entire event for any need that may come up while the on-site technician support is where the Powercom tech will fly to the customer’s event site to give support all throughout the event. Our customers can freely choose any program that would suit their budget and event requirements.

The important element to any audience response solution is the keypads. Powercom has the simple, compact keypads to the stylish ones with LCD or touchscreen.

Below are the keypad models we offer:

  1. Powercom Mini Audience Response Keypad – simple and basic response system keypad with 5 buttons for 5 answer choices
  2. Powercom RF1 – practical and compact keypad with 14 buttons for 30 answer choices
  3. Powercom RF2- keypad with LCD that lets userstext in answers. Good for single answer choice, and multiple answer choices.
  4. Reply Ativa – most sophisticated model with a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. It offers landscape and portrait for further flexibility. Users can text in their answers as well.

PowerCom can also customize any of the features of the software. We also serve any event size from small gatherings to big annual meetings. Some of the event we serve are corporate meetings, CME, seminars, internal meetings, tradeshows, quantitative market research, tribe polling, workshops, elections, Tribal meetings or elections, interactive game shows and mock jury.

To avail this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION OFFER or to know more about how we can ehance your future ARS Events with our audience response low cost keypads in Newyork,  please contact us at 212-997-2000 or email at powercom -{at} – dsii.net