PowerCom Audience Response Rental Service at San Diego California

Meetings and events in San Diego California can now become less boring and tedious with Powercom’s interactive audience response systems! We are offering 3 great programs for ARS users in San Diego namely: full service, DIY or self service and on line designated rental. These rental services can assist you to work out the needs of your event and still maintain your budget.

Powercom Full Service Audience Response Program

Powercom highly recommends the full service audience response program which includes all the components of the wireless voting system and an on-site technician who will help you throughout the event.

Full Service Program includes the following items:

On site Audience Response Technician Service to San Diego

The Powercom management will assign a technician who will go to San Diego to navigate the whole event. Before that, a representative will prepare the audience response system equipment and all its accessories. The presentation slides will also be reviewed thoroughly. One customer service representative can help in creating the question or polling slides. Before the main event the technician will ideally rehearse with the speakers before the event starts. This is done a day before the event or 5 hours before the event. The technician will also coordinate with the AV personnel of the event site to set up the Audience Response Keypads as well as the laptop with the Powercom audience response software. During the event the Powercom tech will assist the speakers while presenting the question slides. The tech will assist in showing the graphic results and perform analysis on the voting data. At the end of the event, all the voting data will be saved and converted into the desired format. The reports will then be generated and submitted to the customer’s email.

Audience Response Self and Do-it-yourself Rental Services

PowerCom is also offering the Audience response rental programs in self service or do-it-yourself program. We offer the hardware, but you can always count on the online technical support for assistance. We can provide the online training before your event. This is a cost efficient program because there’ll be no expenses for an on-site technician. Another ARS rental program we offer is the on-line designated support wherein one Powercom technician will be on stand by while your event is running. The technician will be assisting in case any problem arises during the event.

Audience Response Software Customization Feature

We also offer customization of the Powercom audience response software features to guarantee that you meet the requirements of your event. Some of the best features of this response system software include slide comparison, team comparison, helpful short cut keys for navigation and impromptu feature. The impromptu feature is one of the best things Powercom software has to offer. It lets you quickly add another slide without needing to exit out of the current presentation. This is helpful if any speaker wants to add something he forgot or when you need to add another helpful information that the audience contributed.

To avail this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION OFFER or to know more about how we can ehance your future ARS Events with our audience response low cost keypads in Newyork,  please contact us at 212-997-2000 or email at powercom -{at} – dsii.net