Professional Wireless Voting Systems Rental Service in San Antonio, Texas

Have you ever wondered how to make your Powerpoint presentations for any kind of meeting or event more interactive and way less boring? – The answer is using audience response systems or wireless voting systems which Powercom can provide for users in San Antonio, Texas and everywhere else. Powercom has been offering wireless voting equipment for more than 20 years and is a pioneer already in the field. We provide ARS for small meetings to interactive events with thousands of attendees. In San Antonio, Texas, we can offer hardware and technician support.

Powercom offers 3 kinds of rental services namely self-help rental, online designated and on-site tech support rental. The self-help is the service where customers will be solely responsible for navigating the entire event but don’t worry because the online support of Powercom can help when needed. The online designated support is the type wherein there will be a sole designated technician to be on standby online in case a need arises. The on-site technician support rental is probably the best service we can offer as one of our professional ARS technicians will fly to your event location and navigate the whole event from every step of the way. All these rental offerings come with everything you need from simple, practical audience response solution to sophisticated kinds. It would include base stations, keypads, software, soft bags or hard cases, batteries, on-site tech support (optional) and the online support and training.

Our customers have the freedom to choose any rental service program based on their specific requirements. PowerCom is always offering customization of its software to assure our customers of a perfect event. And with a huge stock of keypads, we can surely serve any event size from dozens to thousands of audience or participants. The events we do includes CME, corporate or internal meetings, trade show, tribe meeting or polling, seminar, quantitative market research, city hall voting, mock jury, club games, elections, and interactive game shows. We are continuously expanding to offer more solutions every year.

No ARS program would be complete without the audience response keypads. Powercom offers compact and practical keypad to ones that have LCD or touchscreen. The simple and practical keypads we offer can have 5 to 14 elastomeric buttons that can give from 5 to 30 answer choices. These compact keypads are Powercom Mini and Powercom RF1. The sophisticated keypads Powercom offers are Ativa, that has a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard, and the Powercom RF2 that has an LCD screen. Both Ativa and RF2 have the texting capability. The RF2 is ideal for single to multiple answer choice, ranking and weight priority. The Ativa is ideal for market research coupled with the Powercom’s Moment to Moment software for a moment by moment feedback by respondents.

To avail this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION OFFER or to know more about how we can ehance your future ARS Events with our audience response low cost keypads in Newyork,  please contact us at 212-997-2000 or email at powercom -{at} –