Powercom Serves its Customers in Los Angeles, California


PowerCom has been around for 20 years providing top quality audience response systems. From small meetings to big events with thousands of attendees. We have been serving various solutions in the rental aspect of the industry. In Los Angeles we can provide technician support and hardware to any kind of event that will require wireless voting systems.

All our rental packages have everything your event will require. The rental package typically includes:

  • Base stations
  • Keypads
  • Soft bag or hard case
  • Powercom software
  • Online training and gold tech support
  • Batteries
  • On-site professional technician (optional)

We offer three types of rental that can meet the various requirements of your event:

1. Self help or DIY rental – The customers will do or run the event themselves with the assistance of Powercom chat support
2. Online designated support – A Powercom tech will be on stand by while your event is running in case you may need assistance.
3. Onsite tech support – A Powercomtechnicial will be at the event location supporting throughout the event.


Our customers can freely choose any rental packaged based on their event requirements.

PowerCom is willing to customize any feature of the software to ensure the customer achieves a flawlessevent. And because we have a huge stock of wireless voting keypads, we can serve any event size from just twenty participants to hundreds.

Powercom has various solutions that will meet any type of event like CME, internal training, trade shows, seminars, quantitative market research, Indian tribe meetings, mock jury, city hall election, annual general election, TV shows, interactive games, auction club games and internal meetings. Powercom also offers practical and simple keypads to some of the most sophisticated in the industry. One keypad that we offer includes a touch screen.


The keypads that we offer are:

1. Powercom Mini – practical keypad with 5 buttons for 5 answer choices
2. Powercom RF1 – compact keypad with 14 elastomeric buttons for 30 choices for answers
3. Powercom RF2– keypad with LCD that lets userstext in their answers. Ideal for single answer choice, ranking, multiple answer choices and weight priority.
4. Ativa -Touchscreen keypad model with a qwerty keypad. It is capable of texting. It can provide landscape and portrait screens for more flexibility. It has lithium battery that can be charged and later used for seven hours.

The Powercom software is easy to use and any Powerpoint user can quickly learn this in just 15 minutes. The software we offer is a Powerpoint add-in application. Once installed, there is another tab called Powercom that will appear along with the menu of the Powerpoint.It is user friendly and provides great flexibility for presenters and speakers. To get a free demo that will be done online, you may reach any Powercom customer service assistant at 212-997-2000 or email Powercom at powercom {at} dsii.net. The online demo will only take between 15-20 minutes.

To avail this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION OFFER or to know more about how we can ehance your future ARS Events with our audience response low cost keypads in Newyork,  please contact us at 212-997-2000 or email at powercom -{at} – dsii.net