Audience Response Rental Services in Orlando, Florida

Hire the Most Cost Friendly and Professional ARS Service in Orlando, Florida

Meetings or corporate events do not have to be boring at all, you can make it interactive and dynamic with an ARS solution provided by Powercom. In Orlando, customers can avail of the Powercom full audience response rental service program. We have provided audience response systems to many countries all over the world and the full service rental program is one of the most availed program package we have. The package of the full service program has all the items needed like Audience Response Keypads, base stations, Response System Software, batteries, online training and on-site technician support.

On site Audience Response Technician Service to Orlando, Florida

The onsite technician support is the best component of the full service program. A designated Powercom professional technician will fly to the event’s location to support your event all throughout.

How it Works:

Before the Main Event

  • The Powercom office in New York will prepare the order of audience response system as stated on the purchase order submitted by the customer.
  • ThePowercom management will appoint a trained Powercom ARS technician to go to the location of the even 2 days before the date.
  • The technician can bring other accessories like another laptop and an AB switch.
  • The Powerpoint slides should be provided so a Powercom customer representative can review all of them. The representative may insert or add pollers if necessary.
  • The technician will then ensure the customer that the Powerpoint slides is ready for a demonstration.
  • A rehearsal should be done before the event starts. Ideally it should happen a day before the event to make sure everything will run flawlessly.
  • The Powercom technician will also coordinate with the AV staff of the location to put the response keypad, laptop and receivers in their proper place.

While the Event Runs

  • The technician will provide assistance to the speaker by running the polling or question slides.
  • The technician will run the question slides alongside the lead of the speaker.
  • The technician will also assist the speaker in displaying the graphic results to the attendees and will do a data analysis on all of the voting data saved.

Concluding the Event

  • The Powercom technician will generate reports that the customer has desired and will submit it on their email for more analysis.

Powercom also has other rental programs like DIY rental. The DIY rental program include the audience response keypads, and receivers only. The complete package will be sent to the site of the event days before the specified date so the customer can have ample time to familiarize themselves with the whole system. We always provide the online training and support to all customers. The self-help program for rental service is also proven to be highly efficient on any budget requirement.

To avail this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION OFFER or to know more about how we can ehance your future ARS Events with our audience response low cost keypads in Newyork,  please contact us at 212-997-2000 or email at powercom -{at} –