Audience Voting System

The New Generation of Audience Voting System

Audience Voting System
Customers have always been searching for a multi-digit audience voting system that is: simple, compact, and affordable.  PowerCom audience response system is pleased to announce our latest LCD screen keypad that meets all the demands.


PowerCom PC3 is a combination of all the features that customers look for in any voting keypads.It has a LCD screen with a light-weight and compact design, to be affordable at an affordable budget.
PowerCom PC3 audience voting system is able to hold 1 or 2 coin cell battery in the small and light-weight casing.  It is able to run with only 1 battery inserted.  With 2 coin cell batteries the boot time is extended up to 250 hours or a 6 month shelf life.
Customers do not have to compromise on the LCD feature on  voting clickers any more. A LCD screen adds the ability for the users to check and confirm their responses.  Display the error codes and messages.  And also shows valuable status indicators.
All of these features are integrated into the PowerCom audience response system PowerPoint to ensure that your event runs flawlessly. PowerCom PC3 is the perfect solution for all ars events.  The keypad system is quick and easy to setup, making it ideal for corporate training, classroom interactive activities, sales meetings, employee training, town hall meetings and much more.

Features Of Audience Voting System

LCD screen with dimensions of 38mm x 16mm. It can show the following:
  • Transmission status
  • Keypad ID
  • Battery status
  • Signal strength
  • Signal acceptance
  • Correct answer
  • Error message with code in any failure or technical issue

More Benefits Of Using Our Audience Voting System

  • Vivid membrane design makes the keypad easy to use even for senior audience members.
  • Two coin batteries that can operate for 250 hours boot time and 6 months shelf life.
  • Communication range of 320 foot radius from the receiver.
  • One receiver supports of up to 2,000 keypads, each receiver has 4 built-in channels.
  • Also has a power key that can turn off the keypad to save the power.
  • Voting speed: 200 votes per second
  • Operation range: 300 feet with a maximum of 650 x 650 feet when working with EA4000T base station and EA4000R repeaters
  • Available for various question types such as single answer, multiple answers, sequence etc.
  • Auto powering off all keypadsfeature makes the job easier
  • Dynamic mode provides flexibility for events that need a quick set up
  • At Static mode, keypads only need to be tested once and then they will be automatically "remembered" by the base for future use.
  • Base matching keypads feature ensures that only authorized keypads can vote

Case Study:


Insurance company shareholders meeting

Number of Participants
200 shareholders

Audience Voting System

PowerCom PC3

Voting Software
PowerCom Elite Version2.49.2

Question Type
Roll call, Single choice, Election


Before the event, the event organizer has the options to make the participant list:
  • Manually edit and assign the list

  • Import from PowerCom registration system

Option One:

The organizer will edit the roster list manually by entering the information such as first name, last name and voting weight(no. of shares) line by line. Or the organizer can import the data from excel sheet and save it as the roster list file.

Option Two:

Use the Powercom registration system – which we can offer to customers asking for the registration system that automatically updates real time on our back server and information gets sent automatically to the software. In the registration system, the user can automatically import the participants list from an excel file with the members’ names. When the participants arrive at the event they will hand in an ID and it will be scanned so the system can find them on the imported list. Then they will be given the voting keypad after the keypad ID has been scanned as well.

For 200 guests or more it is ideal to use 3-5 laptops for registration. All the 5 laptops will send the information to the back server and the server will collect all the participants information into one database and it will be sent to the software for real time updating. This feature is typically customized for the customer’s requirements.

At the Event:

Before the event starts, the keypad holders or participants will be asked to log in for attendance so this is the function of the roll call question type of the Powercom Elite. The full attendance number will be shown and the number of people logging in real time will also be displayed. The participants just need to press the OK button to log in and be counted.


Using the PC3 audience voting system keypads, the participants will vote for 5 candidates for example as the new board of chairman. On the software you can set it already so that the participants are only allowed to enter 5 candidates on the keypads. The results will be ranked in descending order. For the multi round function, the organizer can choose how to delete the other candidates to continue on with the election. They can choose to delete the candidates with the least votes or they can choose to remove the candidates as per the names or number.

They can also choose to remove bottom five or top 5 and so on. The staff or the organizer will just press shortcut E for election at the display and the next slide with the top candidates will appear for a new round of voting until one candidate for the position will be chosen.

For board resolutions, the keypads can be used to choose the yes/no/abstain question type under the canned tab of the powercom Elite software. There will be 3 choices for the voters to choose from and they can only answer one choice.Several kinds of reports in word and excel can be given to the event organizers right after the event for further analyses and review.

PowerCom PC3 audience voting system can meet any ARS (audience response system) requirement for various events. We provide both rental and sales. 


- Powercom PC3 Presentation Functions At A Glance Powercom PC3 White Page - PDF

- Powercom PC3 White Page Powercom PC3 White Page - PDF

- Powercom Technical Specifications Powercom PC3 Technical Specifications - PDF

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