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Have you ever wondered about the interactivity brought by using Audience Response Systems on your business meeting, training, seminars, classroom discussion and other corporate events? What more if you integrate games on your presentation? Exceed your expectations! Powercom introduces Powercom Interactive Game Shows that would definitely bring more fun and interaction between you and your audience members.
Powercom revolutionizes the popular Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire television game show into PowerPoint-based games that combines the use of our wireless voting keypads and our Powercom software. We created PowerPoint-game templates that you can easily modify to put in your questions and assign points for every correct answers. The software will let Winners by team and fastest finger by individuals be identified in a snap! You can form teams by adding a roster list on the software or assigning a demographic question which would divide the group into teams depending on their answers. The winners screen which would display the points for teams and individuals can be hidden or shown to everyone. Towards the end the guests will retain their attention, participation and learning which is more important than fun.
There are benefits when you use our Powerpoint interactive games on your training sessions, classroom discussions and corporate events. It promotes team building skills among the members. It also enhances the skills in solving problem and makes absorbing any kind of information easier.
To learn more about our PowerPoint-based games, you may click on below link for details or if you are interested in PowerCom’s Jeopardy PowerPoint Game kindly fill out the form below.

PowerPoint Style Jeopardy Game

Who wants to be a Millionaire! Game Show

Make it happen. Intensify the learning, fun and excitement on your next event. Transform an ordinary training, class, team building or sales meeting into an exciting and lively one!

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