Audience Response System Comparison

All of PowerCom’s hardware are provided by close partner, Fleetwood Industries. Because of this, every keypad represents the pinnacle of audience response system development. Each is designed for the needs of distinct users. So whether the need is for the the simplest possible system or an impressive system that involves impressing top clients, PowerCom has it. 

For the first time users, here’s a useful comparison that compares all the keypads. More information can be found by visiting each keypad’s special page.

Audience Response Equipment


The PowerCom Mini is the practical choice for those looking for an Audience Response System wireless keypad that is easy to use and small in size. For maximum portability and minimum storage space. With this wireless keypad, you and your audience will never need to worry about technical frustration or difficulty of use. Just click one of the five buttons, and you’ve made your vote!


Audience Response Keypads

For a slight step up in entry level needs, the Powercom RF1 can not only handle single choice selection from up to 30 answers, but also allows for simultaneous multiple answer selection!

The Powercom RF2 SMS is usually the best choice for users with texting needs. This function allows for any kind of question to be asked, including open ended questions that require texting. Allowing up to 140 characters in a message, and featuring person to person texting even outside of normal presentation questions, this is a great keypad for advanced use.


Reply Ativa- Audience Response System Comparison

The Reply Ativa is the most sophisticated ARS keypad currently available. It combines the best features of other Fleetwood keypads, and includes an impressive multitude of input options including Multi-Digit, Multi-Character, QWERTY and SMS Text capabilities, Prioritization ("put these in order of best to worst" questions), Multiple Choice, Election, Moment-to-Moment, and more!


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