Audience Response Clickers

Powercom Mini: The Upgraded Reply Mini Keypad

Upgrated Audience Response Clickers

Reply Mini is the upgrated version of audience response clickers Powercom offers due to its practicality and miniature size, but it is based on Reply Worldwide's protocol that can transmit100 votes per second only. It also needs a trainer to change voting keypads addresses, and the battery life only lasts for 6 to 9 months. These are just some of the limitations of the Reply Mini.


Based on user feedback and years of Powercom audience response system support experience, we have now come up with the upgraded Reply Mini voting keypads - the Powercom Mini! It is a PowerCom keypad with buttons installed with the same protocol RF1 PCB board that can transmit 200 votes per second and accommodate 500 keypads per base in a slim casing. It is portable just like the Reply Mini but more powerful.


Benefits of using Audience Response Clickers are as follows: :

  • HID Compliant – no need to install USB base station driver. It gets recognized easily. It is a plug and play device.
  • User friendly – NO NEED FOR TRAINER to change the keypad address
  • Available now on Office 64 bit (both Office 2010 & 2013).
  • Extremely small & portable – very lightweight, weighs less than an ounce
  • Extended battery life – can last for up to 2 years
  • Faster polling transmission – poll up to 200 votes per second
  • Uses WRS971-DSIH USB base stick that has 300 x 300 feet coverage and accommodates up to 500 keypads
  • The WRS970-DSIH base station that lets you control up to 500 keypads but with the maximum coverage of 650 feet x 650 feet.
  • This base station also has an Ethernet port option that can let you conduct multi-site meetings for audience response software. With a conference equipment set up for remote meeting sites.
  • Has the same functionality as PowerCom Multi-digit version but only 5 answer choice single selection
  • Can be combined with Powercom RF1 and RF2 keypads audience response clickers

Case Study:


A Company’s internal training

Number of Participants

120 Members

Advance Audience Response Clickers

PowerCom Mini

Polling Software

PowerCom Powerpoint add-in

Question Type

Roll call & Single choice

The event organizers want audience response clickers that their trainees will have an easy time using so they chose the Powercom Mini keypad. The training is a 1 day event. It is about improving the way they do their customer service so single choice questions were asked. Before the event started a roll call was used to collect the number of attendees.

The participants just clicked on any number on the keypad to log in for the roll call. The questions had up to 3-5 choices each. It is about what they learned from their previous trainings, the problems they encountered, and how to improve their service. The trainers also asked the participants on how they can improve their training sessions

At the end of the event, reports in word and excel formats were generated for further review by the event organizers. The trainees were delighted to be able to use the audience response clickers with ease and to see results in real time.


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