Audience Response Clicker

The New & Advanced PC4 Audience Response Clicker
The Upgrated Version Of PC3 Audience Voting Clicker

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Powercom audience response system is offering Powercom PC4 audience response clicker. It is the upgraded version of the Powercom PC3 launched last year. It is a simple, compact multi-digit voting keypad at an affordable price. It is very lightweight and comes with a very useful LCD screen wherein users can confirm their inputs or responses quickly with ease. The screen can also display error messages and codes and other important indicators.

The other improved features on the Powercom PC4 audience response clicker are bigger coverage for up to 650 feet(200 meters) diameter in coverage while the radius coverage from the receiver is 100 meters. The PC4 voting keypads can show messages on the screen such as “received” and “single choice question.” The batteries this keypad model uses are lithium rechargeable batteries which can be used for up to 40 hours continuously. The Powercom PC4 features 3 response buttons for yes, no and abstain questions perfect for voting on resolutions and motions during annual board meetings and elections.

PC4 Audience Response Clicker Features:

  • The big base station or receiver supports of up to 2,000 audience response clickers, with each receiver having 4 built-in channels.

  • Includes a power key which can be turned off to save more power

  • Has an auto power off all keypads feature to make the task effortless

  • Speed of vote transmission is 200 votes per second

  • Different and multiple question types like single choice answers, sequence and multiple answers, sequence.

  • Has a voting keypads matching feature to make sure only authorized keypads can connect and submit votes

  • Supports three matching modes: fixed matching, free matching and no match mode

Audience Response Clicker Software

Powercom’s audience response software integrates all these features so your event can work seamlessly. Setting up this keypad system is easy and quick, making it a perfect solution for events such as corporate meetings, trainings, town hall meetings, elections, classroom activities, sales meetings and much more.

PowerCom PC4 audience response clicker can meet any ARS (audience response system) requirement for various events. We provide both rental and sales. 



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