PowerCom Audience Response System for Ativa Shareholder Voting

PowerCom for Ativa Shareholder Voting

Be in control. Empower your Shareholders Voting with PowerCom's Audience Response Reply Ativa Keypad.

PowerCom's Audience Response Reply Ativa offers you nothing but speed, accuracy and simplicity which ensures a successful and more professional shareholders meeting for your company.

What you want:

  • Your shareholder's direct involvement
  • More effective, efficient and accurate form of communication
  • Instant feedback and excellent recordkeeping.
  • Comprehensive and organized post-event results.

What you need: A winning, top-of-the-line

audience response system.

PowerCom's Reply Ativa offers the answer to all your shareholder meeting needs.


PowerCom Ativa Keypad

Audience Response Reply Ativa Keypad Features:


  • Tracks individual shareholder response.
  • Proxy voting/Split Voting
  • Multi site voting - uses the capability of the World Wide Web to allow absentee shareholders to vote.
  • Double password protection makes sure the voting is 100% safe and secure.
  • For voting with lower security sensitive, the shareholders can share in using one keypad to enter their votes, which is very cost-effective.
  • Encourage interactive discussions.
  • Measure the relevance of their association's benefits.
  • Real-time results, with the option of posting and displaying the results on-screen.

Have a more proactive approach by using Reply Ativa Voting Keypad!

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