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Audience Response Rental Service in Phoenix, Arizona

Get the Most Professional ARS Service in Phoenix, Arizona

Any simple meeting or event can become interactive and lively with one simple solution - ARS or audience response systems. This solution can be provided by Powercom to any user in Phoenix, Arizona and other cities as well. We are a growing company which has provided to more than 80 countries already. We offer the full service audience response rental program for any event in Phoenix and other cities. The complete package of the full service program comes with receivers, software, keypads, carry on bag, online training and support and on-site technician.

On site Audience Response Technician Service to Phoenix, Arizona

The onsite technician is essentially the best part of the full service program Powercom offers. The technician will go to the city to help you with the event in every step of the way throughout the presentation.

How it Works:

Before the Main Event

  • A Powercom customer representative will prepare the audience response system at the New York office as specified in the purchase order provided by the customer
  • The management will then assign a professionally trained ARS technician to fly to Phoenix for the main event 1-2 days before the main event.
  • The technician may bring AB switch and another laptop with the Powercom audience response software
  • The presentation slides provided by the customer will be reviewed by the technician and they may provide guidance in creating the question slides. This will most likely include inserting or adding the pollers.
  • The technician will assure the customer that the presentation is totally ready for a demo.
  • Before the main event, the technician will rehearse with the speaker to make sure the event will be running smoothly. This is ideally done one day before or 4 hours before the event.
  • The location will be checked by the technician and will coordinate with the AV personnel assigned to be able to arrange the audience response keypads, base station and put the laptop in place.

During the Main Event

  • The technician will assist the speaker during presentation of the slides.
  • The technician will operate the slides with poller based on the presenter's or speaker's lead.
  • The speaker will be assisted by the technician in showing the graphic result to the participants and will perform the voting information or data analyses.

Conclusion of the Event

  • The Powercom technician will save all the voting data and much later on generate all the types of reports the customer wanted and send it on their e-mail for more studies.

 Powercom also provides the self-help or DIY rental that includes the hardware or audience response keypads and base stations only. The package will be delivered to the event site days before so the customer will have enough time to practice and be familiar with the whole system. We always provide online support and training to guide any of our customers. The self-help rental we offer also proves to be efficient on the budget.

For any audience response rental services in phoenix contact powercom {at} or call anytime at 212-997-2000.

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